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NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER BELT BUCKLE CHIEF & EAGLE Two original sterling silver belt heads are officially on sale!

by May club 14 Jul 2018 0 Comments

Originated from May club's love for Indian silver jewelry, and continues the original sterling silver waist chain NATIVE AMERICAN WALLET CHAIN According to the production principle, the most advanced belt head should be matched with the best leather belt body! From the hands of silversmiths and leatherworkers who have accumulated more than 20 years of experience, May Club will realize the planned private label items step by step, and also respond to customers and friends who have been loyally supporting them, and make the best things for everyone. The whole world knows Taiwan’s strength!

The waist chain we made last year - the double-sided design of the chief and the eagle, has been praised and bought by many domestic and foreign enthusiasts. There are also insider friends who simply love high-end silver jewelry brands. They all said that they didn't even know it was this. Made by a Taiwanese brand!

Indeed, our ideas have gone beyond the ordinary products on the market. We have accurately drawn the design blueprint we want through the artists we have been collaborating with, coupled with the silversmith's years of experience, the uncanny carving and the attention to the post-processing details. Requirements come from the strength of all parties to achieve the birth of an extraordinary single product, regardless of cost, just for the best presentation! This time, with the help of the cobbler who has been working with us for many years, we achieved the luxurious texture effect we wanted!


One of the earliest and most unique-looking belt headbands from the 1930s , we reinterpreted it and incorporated it into the chief’s elements, combining Indian and retro styles. In addition to the lines of the chief’s headdress, there are also bows and arrows, sun prints, silver Decorated with shellfish and other embellishments, the layering is very rich and absolutely eye-catching! It’s even more amazing to look at carefully! It is very suitable for lovers of Indian silver jewelry and American retro culture clothing. With leather jackets and boots, the luster of the belt cannot be covered up at all. It is so on point!

The octagonal shape can be said to be the most matching and classic appearance. Although it is difficult to see the fierce eagles on both sides if you look closely, they have actually been integrated with the feathers. At the same time, the feathers have been transformed into classic Tang grass, showing superb wax carving skills. , one worth pondering! With domineering elements and low-key presentation, whether you are a hardcore knight, love American casual style, or simply love the texture of luxurious sterling silver belts, this belt will be a good partner to accompany you on various occasions!

For the belt, we carefully select high-grade leather from Europe, supplemented by post-processing with various old cobbler's machines. In addition to giving these top-grade leathers their ultimate mission, the combination with the sterling silver belt head is a perfect presentation!

There are a total of nine types of leather belts available for matching. The belt head is connected to the leather belt with a detachable design. The leather belt can be replaced according to the needs of the day's clothing, making the overall matching more consistent!

*British famous factory CLAYTON waxed saddle leather Bridle Leather : red coffee, brown
Originated from the world-famous British tannery Joseph Clayton & Son Ltd. , it is tanned using strong and delicate cow shoulder leather in a time-consuming and laborious vegetable tanning method. The surface of the leather is repeatedly coated with beeswax and oil. The delicate thin wax texture on the surface after drying is quite special, and long-term use will penetrate the surface wax into the tiny pores of the leather, giving it a smoother and more charming appearance. Friends who like the delicate texture of horsehide should not try it. miss!

(Waxed Red Coffee photo)

(Waxed brown photo)

*British famous factory CLAYTON cow neck pattern leather: black through dyeing, brown, blue, green
Originated from the world-famous British tannery Joseph Clayton & Son Ltd. , which is a century-old British tannery, it uses fine, strong and special horizontal grain leather for the shoulder and neck area. After several months of tanning, it is full of oil and more tough, with different shades. Different leather textures, and cow neck leather is relatively rare and precious, especially suitable for those who like the natural wrinkles of leather.

(Black dyed photo)

(Brown photo)

(blue photo)

(green photo)

*Belgian cow neck leather: brown
In addition to CLAYTON cow-neck grain leather, there is also another brown cow-neck grain leather from a Belgian tannery. It also has an eye-catching deep leather texture, and the color is calm and easy to match. It is especially suitable for friends who like wrinkles. A color choice.

(Belgian cow neck pattern brown photo)

5mm Italian fat full vegetable tanned saddle leather: original color, black tea core
Specially selected Italian fat saddle leather with a rare thickness of 5mm . Such a thickness is quite difficult to obtain among European leathers, so it is extremely rare on the market! Natural vegetable tanning is rich in oil, wear-resistant and tough! It is extremely suitable for friends who like to enjoy the leather development process, as well as hardcore knights!

(original color photo)

(Photo of black tea core)

The belt head and belt body are fixed in a detachable design, making it easy for you to replace it according to your needs.

There are three options for the tail: sword shape, arc shape and square shape.

Pre-order information is as follows

I.Original price

Sterling silver belt head pricing: 15,000 yuan/piece, two types in total. Leather belt body pricing: 2,500 yuan/piece, nine types in total.

II. Whole set pre-order discount

"A sterling silver belt head + a leather belt body" pre-order at a 10% discount price: 15,800 yuan (Original price: 17,500 yuan), and comes with an extra leather belt.

This means that you can buy "one sterling silver belt head + two leather belts" at a price of less than 20% off. The two leather belts can also be replaced according to your daily clothing needs, making the overall match more coordinated!

III. Ultimate Combo Offer

Original sterling silver waist chain NATIVE AMERICAN WALLET CHAIN ​​pricing 60,000 yuan. During the pre-order period, order it together with "a sterling silver belt head + a leather belt body". The original total price is 77,500 yuan. The pre-order for the whole set is only 68,000 yuan . Yuan. (An extra leather belt will also be given as a gift)

IV. Pre-order period:

Nine days from 7/14 to 7/22 ( 7/14 ~ 7/17 Taichung store will be on display to receive orders; 7/18 ~ 7/22 Taipei store will be on display to receive orders.)

There is also a pre-order form for those who are unable to come to the store to order online: ( form link )

Delivery date:

Due to the time-consuming process of hand-making, single products cannot be delivered as quickly as mass production in factories. The estimated delivery time is about one month.

To pre-order, you only need to pay half of the cost as a deposit. Take advantage of this wave of discounts to get the most popular belt!

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