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Taichung store moves to new location celebrating second anniversary

by May club 01 Aug 2018 0 Comments

May Club has been open for more than six years. We did not have sufficient funds to operate from the beginning. We accumulated the profits bit by bit and developed into two stores to serve everyone. The Taipei store has been open for more than two years. Today, the Taichung store is The third-generation store also quietly celebrated its second anniversary~

The Taichung store is not only our starting point, but also an important sign for friends at home and abroad to know us! I am very grateful to every friend who has supported me all the way. May club is what it is today because of you! Whether you are an old friend or a new friend, you are welcome to visit our store!

During the five days from 8/1 to 8/5, come to our two stores and purchase any two items in stock (as long as they are available on the official website). You can draw a discount coupon at checkout and use it immediately as a purchase. There are a total of 50 lucky places in each store:
4 50% off coupons, 10 30% off coupons, 16 20% off coupons, and 20 coupons. If all are drawn in advance, the event will end.

If you are unable to visit our two stores, you are welcome to go to the official website to make your selection and contact us via private message for processing! We rarely offer such discounts, please seize the opportunity, thank you for taking care of us!

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