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May club’s fifth anniversary second wave of activities - Addict clothes Customized leather clothes are easy to buy!

by May club 12 Apr 2017 0 Comments

  • Time: 4/12 - 4/25 (two weeks)
  • Event Description:

Since Addict Clothes was introduced to Taiwan, its high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship have always been admired. The unique and charming details that are close to the old products are also the biggest reason why they are so popular! In addition to selling off-the-shelf products, May Club also provides the option of customizing personal leather jackets. You can choose your favorite special color and leather, change the lining, increase or decrease the sleeve length, etc.

Since leather clothing is an item with a relatively high unit price, in addition to the Yushan credit card we cooperated with which offers three zero-interest installments, friends have also been asking about other installment methods in the past. In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the event, the "Six Periods of Easy Purchase with Zero Interest Rate" will be specially launched from (4/12 - 4/25). During the event, custom-made leather jackets are not limited to credit card banks, and payment can be made by cash or remittance. Just make regular monthly payments!

The price of customization has also been adjusted during the event in response to the recent exchange rate. It is equivalent to the cost of ordering in our store in Japan. During the event, you can go to May club to order Addict Clothes without flying abroad, no language communication problems, and more stress-free. With six installments of zero-interest rates, you only need to pay a few thousand yuan in each installment to get top-notch leather clothing without any worries, and you can immediately wear cool equipment in the fall! ! (If you have enough budget and want to buy in advance, you are welcome to come to the store to discuss the details)

  • Customized content:

Leather type and color selection, lining replacement and sleeve length modification

*Customized price description during the event:
Original price 46,800 -> Event price 39,500 (if divided into 6 installments, each installment will cost about 6,600 yuan)
Original price 49,800 -> Event price 42,500 (if divided into 6 installments, each installment will cost about 7,100 yuan)
Original price 53,800 -> Event price 45,500 (if divided into 6 installments, each installment will cost about 7,600 yuan)

Since the exchange rate has been on the rise recently, it will inevitably be adjusted back to the original price after the event. Please take advantage of the two-week discount and installment opportunity. For those who are still waiting, come to the store to order your first piece of Addict Clothes! Friends who already own Addict Clothes will know it after wearing them, and they should seize the opportunity to order another one!

**This event is not in conjunction with other promotions. May club reserves the right to modify and final interpretation of event details.

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