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May club fifth anniversary third wave of activities-May club meets Bravo Zulu Tattoo Limited Tee

by May club 29 Apr 2017 0 Comments

May club launched AS A REAL BIKER PROJECT this year to promote knight culture in multiple aspects. The second project coincides with the fifth anniversary of May club. We specially launched a joint product with Atong, who opened Bravo Zulu Tattoo on the same day!

A specially designed unique work that combines the Grim Reaper with a spider web, with a strong Old School style. The skeletal Grim Reaper is holding a scythe to harvest life, with his back leaning on the spider web totem symbolizing imprisonment. His hands are crossed with the middle fingers on his chest, and behind him are "RIDE HARD, DIE FAST" echoes the knight's slogan, expressing the unruly spirit that does not want to be restrained by fate!

The arm image is deliberately placed at the elbow, making your movements particularly eye-catching! Especially in summer, it is the most suitable item for knights. The light long sleeves can not only protect against sun and wind, but are also very practical to wear alone or layered with!

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