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The first wave of activities to commemorate the fifth anniversary of May club has begun - a total prize of 100,000 yuan!

by May club 27 Mar 2017 0 Comments

May club will be five years old in one month on 4/27! Thanks to all our customers and friends for your long-term support, a series of activities for the next fifth anniversary have officially begun! In addition to launching limited edition items one after another, some exciting activities will also be held. The first wave starts today. 👏

[The first wave of 100,000 shopping bonus draw]
Time: 3/27 - 4/9 (two weeks)
Method: If you spend 500 yuan or more, you can get one lottery ticket, if you spend 10,000 yuan or more, you can get 20 tickets, and so on.
Award: A total amount of "100,000" shopping money 💰

1 person with an amount of 30,000 yuan, 2 persons with an amount of 20,000 yuan, 3 persons with an amount of 10,000 yuan

Lucky Draw Details:
1. You can enjoy a 40% discount on past-season products from the four brands BAD QUENTIN, TROPHY CLOTHING, WEST RIDE and THE HIGHEST END in the store, making it easier for everyone to buy. 🎉
2. Other products listed above can still use the accumulated discounts for personal consumption or birthday discounts of the month, no problem. (Please refer to the instructions: )
3. A single checkout item must include at least one 40% off product to be eligible for the lucky draw, and the total amount (including other products) can be included in the lucky draw tickets.

PS will draw 6 lucky winners on 4/11. The shopping credit can be used before the end of May. It can only be used once, and up to 50% of the consumption can be used.

Shopping on the official website of is also included in the lottery calculation. If you have any needs, you can call us or send us a fan message before checking out. You are also welcome to come back to the store directly. Thank you for your support over the past five years.

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