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by May club 15 Feb 2017 0 Comments

The Taipei branch has celebrated its first anniversary. We have not prepared any special activities. However, as new spring and summer products have recently begun to appear, it is also time for our autumn and winter seasonal discounts, starting from today 2/15 (Wednesday) ~ 2/19 (Sunday) Five days of seasonal activities! Please read the content below:

  • 2/15 (Wednesday), 2/16 (Thursday)

The first wave is only for friends who have purchased at May club. As long as you wear the items you have purchased in the past two days and shop in the two stores in Taipei and Taichung, you can enjoy a 20% discount on the spot goods in the store, and you can add up to 10,000 yuan. Send thousands of rewards!

  • 2/17 (Friday), 2/18 (Saturday), 2/19 (Sunday)

The next three days are the welfare time for new friends who have never made purchases before. They can also enjoy the activities listed above. When shopping in two stores in Taipei and Taichung, you can enjoy a 20% discount on spot goods in the store, and there is also a reward of getting another thousand for every purchase!

Don’t worry if you can’t come to the store. From today on, just share the fan club activity page article to your personal page, and then leave a message below about the product you want to buy (please select the official website product URL and copy and paste it). The store will be opened on 2/17 We will reply to everyone with the official website discount code, and you can enjoy a 20% discount when purchasing online!

PS: This event is limited to in-store goods in stock and mainly cash transactions, while new spring and summer products are not within the scope of the event. Due to the short duration of the event, the two stores in Taipei and Taichung are less able to accept goods transfer services. Please forgive me and thank you again for your support ~

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