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Dad is so happy and dotes on Chinese Valentine's Day

by clubMay 07 Aug 2019 0 Comments

Chinese Valentine's Day and Father's Day are coming one after another. Have you lost a lot of money in preparing gifts? MAY CLUB This event provides you with an excuse and opportunity to reward yourself!

Since many friends who are inconvenient to come to the store or are overseas can only complete their shopping through the official website or private messages, our limited-time event specially opens up the use of both in-store and official website, and you can even enjoy higher discounts when shopping on the official website! Definitely take advantage of this rare opportunity! ! (See event description below for details)

Activity time:
8/7 (Wednesday) ~ 8/11 (Sunday), limited to five days

Buy one item for 12% off, buy two items for 73% off, and enjoy 33% off for three or more items when shopping through the official website! !

Activity method:
To purchase an item, please enter discount code: MYDAD at checkout
To purchase two items, please enter discount code: MYLOVER at checkout
When purchasing three or more items, please enter discount code: LOVEMYSELF at checkout

And select the second [credit card] option in the payment method


  1. Only items in stock are available in the store. Single items will not be reserved. Payment is based on first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Some items are not applicable to this event (such as May club’s full range of silver jewelry, safety helmets, ATELIER CHERRY, CxTxM, vintage clothing, etc. If you have any questions, please contact the store staff)
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