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May club’s season-changing shopping surprise includes original silver jewelry! !

by May club 17 Sep 2019 0 Comments

As the power of the hot summer has slightly weakened, new autumn and winter products are about to arrive one after another. In this season of changing seasons, we have specially held a small surprise shopping lottery‼ ️

Within the seven days from 9/17 (Tuesday) to 9/23 (Monday), any single purchase of 3,000 yuan or more will be eligible for the lottery (one quota for 3,000 yuan, two quotas for 6,000 yuan, and so on), no limit to spot goods Single products can be counted when you visit the store or the official website! 👍

◆The total value of the prizes is nearly 200,000 yuan, and 12 lucky winners will be drawn on 9/24 (Tuesday) the day after the event ends! !

🏅The awards are as follows:

  • 50,000 people
  • Thirty thousand one
  • 20,000 people
  • Ten thousand and three people

The above 150,000 yuan can be used as shopping credits to redeem May club silver jewelry items of equivalent value, which can be freely matched and combined, or the difference can be redeemed.

◆5 special prizes (five gifts equivalent to 5,000 yuan will be provided)◆

From tops, pants, leather jackets, bags, boots, accessories, etc., you can find the items you need for each season in the store, and we also accept pre-orders! Friends who have already locked in their favorite items should pay more attention. If you shop this week, you may also get additional original silver jewelry, so you can complete your whole body in one go! 💯

Friends who like silver jewelry can of course also purchase jewelry directly. If you are lucky enough to win, you can choose more and directly match it with the most handsome set! 😎

Our silver jewelry has never participated in any activities, so many friends love it but the price is too high to buy it! Now as long as you spend over 3,000 yuan in shopping, you will have the opportunity to buy silver jewelry worth several times the value. The more you buy, the greater the chance!

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