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Coupon event starts!

by clubMay 17 Jul 2019 0 Comments

Friends who have coupons to use have been waiting for a long time. Friends who don’t have coupons don’t worry. Starting today, we will hold a five-day limited-time event with the following contents:

7/17 (Wednesday) ~ 7/19 (Friday) You can draw coupons when you spend 5,000 yuan or more in a single transaction; all ready-made or pre-ordered products in the store are included in the payment. Friends who cannot come to the store can also contact the store staff to draw coupons on their behalf.

The coupons for both stores are limited to 20 each:

3 40% off coupons, 5 30% off coupons, 12 20% off coupons

Coupons will be open for use on the next two weekends, 7/20 (Saturday) & 7/21 (Sunday). It has been half a year since the last opening. The next opening time is unknown, so be sure to take advantage of it! If you miss it, you’ll have to wait until next time~

The coupon can be used for spot products, but does not include May club silver jewelry, CxTxM, vintage clothing, and safety helmets. The coupon can only be settled in cash. If it cannot be used up, it will be opened again next time.

Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. May Club reserves the right of final interpretation.

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