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ADDICT CLOTHES KIP LEATHER will be out of print soon

by May club 02 Sep 2017 0 Comments

We need you to lovingly wear each item until it turns into the vintage clothing of the future.

What we provide is a good leather jacket that you can really wear for a lifetime. Regardless of the leather, style, and hardware details, it is truly a good product without a doubt! There is no better British leather jacket!

In our two stores in Beizhong, Taiwan, we have specially obtained personal customization. The rules have changed slightly from the past. What needs special attention is the KIP cowhide selection. For me personally, this leather is my favorite. It is a pity that It will not be among ADDICT’s normal products in the future. Of course, we are also striving for the last opportunity to order. We will close the order collection from tomorrow to 9/20. This will be your last chance to buy cowhide this winter~

This order will be available before the end of the year. If you want to order sheepskin and horsehide, please be sure. There are many special colors that are only available in cowhide, such as the Turkish blue that many people have asked about before. Please hurry up‼ ️

In terms of selling price, the exchange rate has also been lowered. Welcome to the store to learn more.

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