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SUMMER SALE Summer season discount event starts!

by May club 14 Aug 2017 0 Comments

Since the autumn and winter products will be arriving at the end of this month, it’s time for our annual summer season discounts again. It’s been a long time coming~

For two weeks from today (8/14 to 8/27), the products in the store will be divided into two areas: A and B:

Area A products:
The birthday girl of the month may be eligible for accumulated discounts on consumption in the month and can still use the original discount.

Products in area B:
That is to say, what everyone is most concerned about is 20% off for one item/30% off for two items/40% off for three items.

Here comes the point! Here comes the point!

As long as area B is purchased together with any product in area A, you can enjoy an extra 10% discount!
Buy one item for 30% off/Buy two items for 60% off/Buy three items for 50% off

That’s right! As long as you match the products in area A, the lowest discount in area B is half price and 50% off! !

We will adjust the product items in areas A and B every day depending on the event status (area B will definitely have more products than area A!). The event is still mainly on-site, especially in the Taichung store, which has more products and is definitely better to choose from. If you have any questions, welcome Go to the store directly to find out, choose first and win first.

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  • Business Hours: PM02:00 ~ PM10:00
  • Taipei Store: No. 36, Lane 177, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City ☞ Map
  • Taichung Store: No. 103, Section 4, Huanzhong Road, Nantun District, Taichung City ☞ Map
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