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Chirihama Sand-Flats Anniversary Tee

by May club 01 Oct 2017 0 Comments

The Senrihama sand race originally scheduled to be held in September was postponed to October 21 and 22 due to the typhoon. MAY CLUB will ride Laoha PANHEAD in the race. We also thank WEST RIDE for its help and coordination~

We originally planned to have a running sand limited edition T-shirt, which was exposed during our last trip to Japan. The image design was specially drawn by CxTxM. Recently, some sharp-eyed friends noticed it and asked how to purchase it!

So we decided to open pre-orders. We will accept online and store orders from today 10/1 to 10/8. The pre-order price is 1,500 yuan. It is expected that the production and delivery will be completed in mid-October. Everyone is welcome to wear this piece for MAY CLUB Senrihama Come on 🤣

By the way, if you purchase the MAY CLUB original waist chain series during the pre-order period, one piece will be given directly to you.

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