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by May club 24 Dec 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE's regular edition GOAT SKIN DEAN JACKET, like the popular goatskin vest of the same series, is based on three generations of denim jackets and has been modified. The tailoring is more modified to fit the oriental body shape, and is replaced with solid goat leather. Denim denim

Goat leather is relatively rare in the Taiwan market. However, its softness and toughness make it quite suitable for clothing that requires high-strength activities. In the history of old leather clothing, it is not inferior to horsehide or cowhide. According to WEST RIDE specially selects original fully vegetable tanned goatskin, which is better than other goatskin. This is why its goatskin series is very popular in Japan. You can feel its comfort when you first wear it, and the special texture on the surface is believed to be domesticated after wearing it for a long time. The effect will be even more charming!

The originally developed inner lining is also made of gradient plaid NEL cotton woven on an old-fashioned power loom, which is comfortable and warm! Corduroy material is added to the hem and cuffs to prevent slipping, and the buckle configuration of the collar is also designed to prevent it from swinging due to wind pressure when riding! It is indeed a brand born for knights, and it cares about every detail!

With its simple and neat appearance, you can use it like a normal denim jacket, and it will look cool easily! Maintaining the consistent high quality made in Japan, the reason why it has become a regular model is because it is well received. Once you wear it, you will know its thoughtfulness and excellence.

Price: NT$ 31,400

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