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New Brand Enters - [General Design Work Studio] Tattoo Leather Sculpture Art

by May club 21 Dec 2015 0 Comments

The brand General Design Work Studio (GDW Studio for short) founded by WEED, one of the four artists WEST RIDE collaborates with, has a unique retro image design that combines leather carving and tattoo coloring techniques. The works have a strong Old School feel. Atmosphere.

GDW Studio's works are very similar in Japan and even around the world, because in addition to having talented artistic talent, the tattoo coloring part requires great patience. The outline of each line and the display of gradients are all It cannot be colored as quickly as paint; therefore, each work is unique! In addition to the fact that it is impossible to present the exact same image repeatedly, it also gives the work the characteristic of not fading easily due to wear and tear!

The GDW Studio series of works are currently only sold in stores, because we hope and sincerely welcome you to come to the store to appreciate and touch them up close, and feel the rich vitality given to the works by WEED's magical charm.

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