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by May club 25 Dec 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE is a regular DEAN JACKET based on three generations of jackets. In addition to goatskin, it also has ROUGH-OUT COW LEATHER. In fact, Levi's also launched SUEDE JACKET in the 1960s, which was made of cow leather. Of course, WEST RIDE's version It is more modified to suit the Asian figure, and the details of the fasteners are even better than before.

Let me first explain that cowhide leather is different from the so-called suede. Suede usually refers to the second layer of leather after cutting and processing, so both sides have a plush feel, and the strength is of course not as good as the epidermis. ROUGH-OUT refers to The leather skin is directly turned over to use the suede side, which is stronger and more wear-resistant. Of course, WEST RIDE uses original and specially made Japanese high-grade cowhide.

The difference between this model and goat leather is that it has no lining, so when wearing it, you can go directly inside to feel the comfortable touch of the cowhide surface. And because it has no lining, it can be worn in almost all seasons (of course, in summer, it means riding a bicycle). There are many details such as fixed press buttons on the panels and corduroy fabric sewn inside the hem and cuffs. The texture is great!

This style is also one of the most popular styles at present. After long-term use, the wear and dirt will make it look more charming. It has a simple and neat appearance. Use it like a normal denim jacket. It will look cool when worn easily! Maintaining the consistent high quality made in Japan, the reason why it has become a regular model is because it is well received. Once you wear it, you will know its thoughtfulness and excellence.

Price: NT$ 31,400

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