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by May club 19 Dec 2015 0 Comments

The theme of this season is also the third "Chopper Saved My Life" work. In order to convey the idea that "1969" is an important year for CHOPPER culture, after studying the production methods of clothing in the background of 1969, we reinterpreted US ARMY M-1947 Parka's possible appearance at that time was made by West Ride integrating its own design concepts; it is very particular about fabric development, pattern modification, detail adjustment and image design!

The Army Cycle Hoodie is the outermost coat. In addition to being handsome, it is mainly designed to be windproof, stain-proof and water-repellent. Therefore, the liningless design allows you to match it with more wear options. You can choose a more fitted and short-hem design that is less comfortable. If it affects riding (above picture), or if it is a larger size (below picture), it is not a problem if you wear it with a leather jacket or even a down jacket.

Price NT$ 16,000

A small amount is in stock in the store. Welcome to visit the store for appreciation. It will be available in the online store soon.

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