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by May club 18 Dec 2015 0 Comments

Addict Clothes has also sold many vintage gloves in the past few years. Since gloves are consumables for knights, old products in good condition are quite rare. In order to present the beauty of retro, Addict Clothes retains the atmosphere of old products. At the same time, it incorporates modern style and uses the appearance of retro racing gloves to make Boa Gloves. It is made of light and soft textured tea-core sheep leather with a warm bristled lining, which combines comfort and warmth. The reverse leather material of the middle index finger is more It can be used to clean goggles; Addict Clothes' "New Vintage" gloves are made in Japan with the highest quality. Welcome to the store for appreciation.

Black & Dark Blue are available in full size in the store and will be available in the online store soon!

Price NT$ 7,800

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