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by May club 19 Dec 2015 0 Comments

Mr. Ishijima, the manager of Addict Clothes, insisted on the concept and detail quality, spent two years, went through many revisions and countless cost development, and finally completed the "New Vintage" Engineer Boots that are not inferior to the specialized boots brand!

Designed by Japan's No. 1 shoe repair shop "Fukuroju", the specially developed boot shape features a low instep and a curved last, which combines the elegance of flat-toe boots and the ruggedness of round-toe boots, while also being close to the Orient. The human foot-shaped arch and heel are designed with impeccable details: Horween Chromexcel leather and Steerhide lining, double-stitched Goodyear extensions, VIBRAM #269 soles, old-fashioned buckle Roller Buckle, etc., presenting the highest quality Japanese Made texture.

The suede Two Tone currently introduced in the store is limited to this season, and some sizes have been sold out one after another, so please seize the opportunity to buy it.

The online store will be available soon, welcome to visit the store directly for appreciation!

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