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by May club 25 Nov 2015 0 Comments

I have previously introduced WEST RIDE's silver jewelry series made by LARRY SMITH. This ORIGINAL LONG WALLET should have arrived together, but it was not available in the Netherlands until recently because it was out of stock. It is also made by LARRY SMITH and is hand-dyed in the United States. Although it is thick, it is thick. But it is stiff but not hard, and the tanning is very good. The color of the leather is very beautiful when it is not dyed through. It will become more unique after long-term use. It can also be said to be tea core leather!

The No. 0 yarn used for sewing is specially used for sewing canvas. It is very durable. From dyeing to sewing, every step is assisted by experienced craftsmen, which is very attentive! The shape is simple and does not emphasize any gorgeous details. It only has the WEST RIDE LOGO hot-stamped on the outermost side, and a LOGO hangtag of the same leather is attached. The texture is first-class!

The interior is mainly divided into two large mezzanines, each made of one and two high-strength press buckles from the United States, with red leather gaskets attached to strengthen the fasteners and increase their characteristics. The wallet opens into the first large mezzanine. , one side can be placed with banknotes, and the other side has a three-dimensional compartment. Although there is no cover, the tightness is excellent when it is buckled, and things will not fall out. It can be used as a coin bag.

The other large compartment has a total of 12 card compartments, which is very sufficient for people with a lot of cards. Even if it is filled with 12 cards, it can still be easily fastened. There is also compartment space on both sides, whether it is to place banknotes or store invoices. It is very convenient to organize credit card payment slips.

WEST RIDE also considers the user's need for a wallet combined with a waist chain, so it also produces a silver fastener FLINT HOOK , which can be installed on a long clip as a waist chain fixing hook. The horseshoe-shaped design adds the word "WR", and at the same time Paired with the CONCHO decoration above, it comes from WEST RIDE's idea of ​​BIKER and LARRY SMITH's old Indian design. It combines the strengths of the two in their respective fields to create not only a fastener but also a work of art with beautiful details and a strong sense of presence. FLINT HOOK

We highly recommend FLINT HOOK to be installed on the WEST RIDE ORIGINAL LONG WALLET, and paired with the WEST RIDE x LARRY SMITH waist chain SLINGSHOT SWASTIKA WALLET CHAIN ​​for even better integrity!


FLINT HOOK: NT 6,000 yuan

In stock in the store, you can also buy them separately. The online store will be available soon~

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