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WEST RIDE GOATSKIN DEAN VEST goatskin leather vest

by May club 26 Nov 2015 0 Comments

Friends who have been paying attention to some photos of WEST RIDE should be familiar with it. This goatskin vest is almost a must-have for those who like WEST RIDE or everyone on the WR team. This leather vest is also a must-have for everyone on the WR team. A must-have for a BIKER!

The appearance of DEAN VEST is modified from Levi's famous third-generation denim jacket. It has a slimmer body shape and uses fully vegetable-tanned goatskin. In the past, goatskin was not a common leather in the Taiwan market. In fact, goatskin is It is both soft and tough, making it definitely the most suitable garment for active activities and strong enough. It requires almost no leather conditioning and you will look cool when you wear it right away!

The fit and handsome look of DEAV VEST is the design that WEST RIDE is good at and most proud of. Whether it is a short T, a long T, a shirt, or a jacket, it can be matched with DEAN VEST. This is why its popularity in Japan remains high. It is definitely an indispensable item in the wardrobe, especially in Taiwan, it is more suitable for wearing in various seasons than leather jackets. It is worth mentioning that the inner part is made of NEL thick cotton material developed by WEST RIDE, which is more comfortable to wear and has sufficient warmth.

The corduroy material at the hem increases friction. There are adjustable fasteners on both sides of the waist, and the collar piece also has fixed press buttons, all of which reduce the wind resistance and swing of the clothes when riding. It is a very handsome and practical goatskin vest with details. It can be seen that the high quality presented in Japan and under the requirements of WEST RIDE

Each piece comes with a WEST RIDE patch, which can be freely sewn on the vest, plus other distinctive patches and pins, to show your unique taste.

(The picture on the left below shows a goatskin vest that has been worn for about a week and has taken shape. It is of a very high quality. Come and try it!)

Finally, I attach two pieces of WEST RIDE for everyone to see and wear your own DEAN VEST.

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