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by May club 26 Nov 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE 15FW INNER DETACHABLE COMFORMAX JACKET The outer layer is made of polyester fiber coated with a water-repellent wax layer. The inner layer is a patented design by DuPont of the United States. It uses a new thermal insulation material Dupont ComforMax Premium developed using unique non-woven technology. Its ultra-fine fiber is superior to other Thermal insulation materials can preserve more air, have strong reflection ability of human body temperature radiation, can effectively reduce heat loss, and achieve the best thermal insulation effect with the thinnest and lightest materials!

INNER DETACHABLE COMFORMAX JACKET shrinks the shoulder line and uses a special thin warm material. It is not too fluffy like ordinary down jackets. It is quite comfortable to wear and not too bulky. When the wind is strong, pull the zipper all the way to block the cold wind and effectively retain body temperature.

The striped sleeves are zippered and detachable, making them neat to wear as a vest. Not only are they more convenient to move around, but they also have more possibilities for use and matching in autumn and winter.

Paired with the WEST RIDE three-layer thick cotton hood T inside, the warmth is doubled! Many thermal jackets will be tight and inconvenient for arm movement if thicker clothing is worn inside. However, the INNER DETACHABLE COMFORMAX JACKET is amazing because of its lightness and thinness. The inside of the sleeves is still comfortable and easy to move.

The surface material has a water-repellent treatment, which can temporarily block rainwater and is less likely to attract dirt.

Use double-open zippers to reduce binding during activities.

The material of the collar is quite soft and warm.

The words "WEST RIDE" are printed on the inside, the anti-slip design on the hem and the elastic adjustment ropes on both sides can reduce the swing of the clothes while riding.

The cuffs are designed with extended elastic fabric instead of ribs, and are designed with thumb holes to effectively prevent wind from entering the cuffs when riding. The effect is even better when used with gloves!

The pocket space is quite large, and the bag mouth is sewn with a label made of DuPont's special patented material.

Whether you are going out or riding a bike, INNER DETACHABLE COMFORMAX JACKET is an excellent tool for keeping warm! Two colors are in stock in the store. The ultimate in light weight and warmth is waiting for you to experience!

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