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by May club 24 Nov 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE's new HEAVY WEIGHT PULLOVER HOODIE, which debuted for the first time this year, is made of three layers of cotton fabric like the hat clip. It is very warm, soft and comfortable! Friends who haven’t experienced it yet must try the fabric specially developed by WEST RIDE, which is a great tool for keeping warm in winter.

WEST RIDE This season's theme, CHOPPER SAVED MY LIFE, actually has such a story. A woman, Catherine, was a very popular stripper when she was young. Later, her life was frustrated and she fell into despair. Until one day, she met a group of knights and enjoyed a joyful ride together. , camping, and PARTY time, she found the meaning of life, so she believed that falling in love with riding a bicycle makes life feel rich. Of course, this is just one of the stories, and it can also be converted into any kind of riding or modifying your bicycle. Your pleasure, CHOPPER SAVED MY LIFE will be the voice of any happy knight

Wearing gray No. 36 and black No. 38, different sizes show different effects. The fabric is thick but easy to move, and the elbows are also specially processed!

There are also many details on the front pockets, and the ribbing used makes the texture more distinctive!

The body of the hat is double-layered and more stiff. The photos inside make it look cool. It is both warm and comfortable and looks cool when worn alone . It can be worn with a vest for greater practicality, or with a more windproof jacket underneath. Very suitable!

Two colors are in stock in the store. Welcome to come and experience it directly. The online store will be updated recently.

You can see how thick it is when you look at it folded (laughs)

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