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by May club 07 Nov 2015 0 Comments

Based on the racing sweaters of the past, the very popular HALF ZIP M/C JERSEY was launched in 2015 S/S. It was re-launched in 2015 F/W and added new colors! It adopts classic striped sleeves and thicker fabric. The self-developed SUPER HEAVY Tianzhu cotton material has been made through repeated experiments to keep warm and has an elastic and comfortable touch.

The classic HOOKLESS zipper is used on the chest, and the pattern design on the chest and back with crack printing makes it look more old-fashioned! No detail has been neglected, such as elbow reinforcement, stitching, and the use of old-fashioned threads.

In the past, racing sweaters were usually made of wool, but considering the convenience of cleaning and wearing comfort, 100% thick cotton is used instead of wool! It is closer to modernity, and the horizontal stripes on the cuffs are more versatile and have the characteristics of WEST RIDE.

Easily matched, it makes a strong presence and is super handsome! Three colors are in stock in the store, welcome to the store to buy.

Priced at NT$6,000, it will be available in online stores soon!

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