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MAY CLUB ORIGINAL TRUCKER CAP (Denim/Black) is officially on sale! !

by May club 06 Nov 2015 0 Comments

Because it took more than half a year, we asked the factory to produce the first batch of 20 pieces in each of the two colors. The first wave sold out quickly after the first week of sale! Thank you very much for your support from my first-time purchaser! Today we will officially start selling, but due to the limited edition fabrics, there are not many quantities left. Friends who like May club, please seize the opportunity ~

Some friends may not know why it takes so long to make a hat?

Because MAY CLUB ORIGINAL TRUCKER CAP makes its own molds instead of using ready-made ones. After countless samples, it is adjusted to the favorite hat shape again and again. The body is deeper and the brim is shorter. It has a moderate rear opening and can be worn backwards. It looks great. The front uses appliqué embroidery instead of patchwork and seams, and there are many details that we requested. The result is quite satisfactory!

Not only did we spend a lot of time, but it also cost at least twice as much as ordinary hat making, but it was well worth it! Because there is absolutely no hat type that is the same as MAY CLUB on the market; the six pieces of the entire hat body, the size of the brim, the opening at the back, the design of the patch and the selection of materials (the two-color effect is also different) , each step took half a year to add up, and even the slogan details of the lining and overlocking to the design concept of the hat box were all just to give friends who love May Club the most complete display of the finished product.

"Every cloud has a silver lining", there is always light after darkness. This slogan wishes the wearer friends, and also implies that the May club products will be in good times. The stores and online stores will sell them simultaneously. I hope everyone will like it~

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