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by May club 06 Nov 2015 0 Comments

As a BIKER, I am not too unfamiliar with such prison pants. They are called prison pants because of the clear black and white stripes. They are widely loved because of their high recognition. It is not only used by knights. There is another saying. It is the feeling that prisoners long for freedom, just like a BIKER enjoying the freedom of being unfettered while riding. Of course, it is also a regular model of WEST RIDE, the first-line brand of Japanese riders.

We have introduced three colors to make it easier to match. In particular, WEST RIDE’s self-developed HEAVY BORDER thick cotton material is extremely comfortable and has a different wearing and visual feel from other prisoner pants. It can even be used as cotton. The trousers are also quite suitable and worth your time.

The characteristics of the fabric can be seen in the pictures, and WEST RIDE’s care in this HEAVY BORDER LONG PANTS can be seen in many details. This is why it is very popular in Japan and has become a regular style.

The different colors match well, and the pattern is also very beautiful. It does not look loose because it is made of cotton. This is its specialty. The three colors and sizes are in stock in the store. If you are interested, please come directly. The online store will be later. On the shelves~

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