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by May club 10 Nov 2015 0 Comments

2015 WEST RIDE's new autumn and winter product - FIVE POCKET HUNT JKT, is the same as the previously introduced SEVEN POCKET HUNT VEST. It is inspired by the HUNTING JKT that BIKER often wore in the 1920s. The fabric is developed by WEST RIDE itself , which is different from other products on the market. The tiger stripe camouflage combines the prisoner horizontal stripes style that knights have loved in recent years, making it even more unique!

You can choose the size that fits you or one size larger, which will give you a different taste when you wear it;

The jacket worn with the white pants is size 36. It fits well and has a short hem. It feels like a neat military field jacket~

The jacket worn with jeans is size 38, which is relatively loose and comfortable. It feels like an MT. Parka coat. When the cold snap comes, you can stuff a few more clothes inside, and your body will look stronger and less bloated~

The corduroy collar enhances texture and makes it more comfortable; the hood can be disassembled to suit personal needs.

The pocket design of hunting jackets also pays great attention to storage needs! WEST RIDE, which always thinks thoughtfully for knights, not only pays attention to the functions, but also pays great attention to other details such as stripes and patterns, sewing methods and various fasteners!

The double-layer fabric provides basic windproof function. A thin long T-shirt inside is very suitable for the current weather. For those who are afraid of the cold, a thick cotton T-shirt is also very effective!

The overall jacket is lightweight and easy to carry and store.

The fabric is printed using BACK SATIN sulfur dye , which will produce unique and charming color changes after long-term use, which is worth looking forward to! Whether you like military style or knight style, this is a handsome item that you must not miss!

The price is NT$ 11,800. Welcome to the store for appreciation. It will be available in the online store soon!

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