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New arrival! ! WESTRIDE x CHOOKE Special Limited Edition Silver Coin Dayu

by May club 22 Oct 2015 0 Comments

This special Peace Silver Coin Dayu is a special model specially made by Chooke for West Ride. It is a special commemorative item for the anniversary. Only five of them were sold out on the same day. We specially brought one back to Taiwan. Friends who like it are welcome to come to the store to have a look. !

Chooke handcrafts each feather with a different outline and texture, and matches it with the Chief’s silver coin and silver medal, which has the special imprints of both brands printed on it, which is quite commemorative! Highest!

The box part was made by Jam, and the overall degree of completion is extremely high. Each one has its own unique number, and the other four all have their own owners! This is the only one in Taiwan^^

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