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WEST RIDE’s popular regular pants model WR105 WR101 is back in stock & new colors are available

by May club 26 Oct 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE’s two most popular custom pants styles: WR105 narrow version and WR101 straight

The previous two types of jeans were out of stock very quickly. We have replenished the sizes and they are back in stock. New colors are also available! If you missed it, come and try it!

The most popular WR105 narrow jeans, comfortable to wear and with neat lines, click here☞ to see more WR105 introductions

This time, in addition to upgrading the size of jeans, a black version is also available, which is also made in Japan and is made of 14.75oz left-bias stretch denim.

Classic regular WR101 straight jeans, click here ☞ See more WR101 introduction

A new color of khaki pants has also arrived this time. The fabric developed in Japan is quite comfortable to wear and is also very suitable for the current weather.

Good materials that don’t require much elaboration. Both the pattern and workmanship are strictly controlled by WEST RIDE. Many details are requirements that are not seen in the general market. They definitely meet the needs of knights and are a necessity for daily wear! This trousers style is also very popular in Japan. Come to the store and try it, you will fall in love with it. New colors will be available on the official website soon~

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