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by May club 16 Oct 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE's new autumn and winter work this year, SEVEN POCKET HUNT VEST, is inspired by the HUNTING JKT that BIKER often wore in the 1920s. But first, let me introduce this special TIGER BORDER CAMO, a fabric developed by WEST RIDE in Japan. It is different from the general tiger spot camouflage on the market, but more unique, and the visual effect is also quite good. You can also learn about the careful management of the brand here.

The seven pockets are very practical. The needs of riders are definitely the first consideration for WEST RIDE when making products. The lining fabric using BACK SATIN will show beautiful effects over time. The double-layer fabric also provides the basic comfort of this vest. Windproof performance, other aspects such as sewing methods, stripe pattern and hardware use, etc., have been written several times to introduce this season’s new products. You should be able to understand WR’s requirements for products, so I won’t go into details. In short, it is a good product.

The corduroy collar of the collar makes the overall texture better, and it is also more warm and comfortable. The detachable hood brings the matching to a higher level. The multi-layered outfit is very suitable for winter in Taiwan or for riding bikes at night. Even if it is worn with a short T-shirt underneath, this vest will impress you both in terms of functionality and handsomeness. Come to the store and try it! Online store will be available soon~

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