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by May club 15 Oct 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE's new autumn and winter HEAVY WEIGHT FULLZIP HOODIE, as its name suggests, is made of thick three layers of different cotton materials. It has a very high degree of warmth and will definitely subvert the image of a hat clip in your impression. It is WEST RIDE's latest regular style, be the first to experience it!

The main picture THE MILWAUKEE GHOST is one of the themes of this season and is also the representative work of ED ROTH. It has been re-created under the brushstrokes of WEST RIDE's long-term cooperation Kustom Kulture artist KNUCKLE to be more in line with WR style. The change to girl also makes another theme CHOPPER SAVED MY LIFE Even more complementing each other, MADE IN HELL and Milwaukee, the birthplace of Harley, are both American style elements that people can’t put down, and the RIDE HARD DIE FAST in front echoes them, handsome.

The use of special knitted elastic ribs with a full old flavor can effectively prevent the cold wind from pouring in while riding. The REVERSE WEAVE fabric direction on the sides, and almost all stitches are OVERLOCK sewing , all of which bring more comfort to the wear. Comfort, and the fabric has a longer life after washing. The invisible details WEST RIDE is even more demanding.

The production of pockets is also very labor-intensive. The upward direction allows for more secure placement of items. The WALDES zipper allows the D-shaped pocket to store small items more easily. The double-open UNIVERSAL zipper allows for a more comfortable posture while riding. It is extremely practical. It can be said that it is a jacket specially designed for knights.

There are so many devilish details, with snowflake-like gray and restrained black, the HEAVY WEIGHT FULLZIP HOODIE is very wearable and easy to match. Both colors and sizes are available in stock. The online store will be available soon.

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