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by May club 14 Oct 2015 0 Comments

HEAVY BORDER This is WEST RIDE's regular model. In other words, it has its representative meaning. As its name suggests, it uses thicker cotton material developed by WEST RIDE in Japan. The specially adjusted stripe gap has a great visual effect. , which is also the strength of WR. It is more solid and thicker than the previous three long T models, but what remains unchanged is the comfort brought by its tailoring and elasticity, which is also the focus of WR.

Of course, WEST RIDE also attaches great importance to the Overlock sewing method, the three-book stitching method, and the special requirements for ribbing and neckline, which can make this dress last for you for a long time. The pattern of the fabric is also quite beautiful, and WR is very demanding in details. This is also the reason why fixed-term models are quite popular.

Both colors are in stock in the store, and will be available in the online store soon. Come and try it first! The timeless stripes and WEST RIDE’s unique settings will definitely be your best friend for keeping warm and matching!

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