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WEST RIDE 15F/W 1976 Harley commemorative picture LONG SLEEVES TEE

by May club 14 Oct 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE Autumn and Winter LONG SLEEVES TEE The third and final model, the SIGN PAINT & PINSTRIPE style painted by artist PSYCHO , is inspired by the pattern on the commemorative fuel tank launched by Harley in 1976 for the bicentennial anniversary of the founding of the United States. After PSYCHO's The overall feeling of the brushstrokes is more fierce, especially the part about the knight and the eagle, the RIDE TILL DIE image is more obvious! The matching words also highlight the image of WEST RIDE. Instead of the original 76, WR was born in 1991. PSYCHO, an artist who loves Kustom Kulture and has long-term cooperation with WEST RIDE, has launched another masterpiece!

The figure on the chest, which is a combination of skulls, pistons, and wings, also has an indelible significance to knights. This season’s fabrics, sewing methods, patterns, and ribs were developed by WEST RIDE . These thoughtful details are waiting for you. Experience ! In the current weather, you can just ride like this during the day, and it would be great to add a vest or hat clip at night (new items will be released next XD)

Two colors are in stock in the store. If you love American style as much as WEST RIDE, the 1970s and the bicentennial of the founding of the United States plus Harley elements, don’t miss it and come directly to the store. It will be available in the online store in the near future^^

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