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by May club 12 Oct 2015 0 Comments

The first batch of WEST RIDE 2015 autumn and winter has arrived, and the second model of LONG SLEEVES TEE is available. The main image is drawn by PSYCHO , the artist who introduced SIGN PAINT & PINSTRIPE before. Harley’s unique pistons surround the WEST RIDE font. The same pattern is also available in spring and summer. Appeared, sold out quickly, and the styles were not even listed on the official website!

This season, the American cotton material developed by WEST RIDE has been used several times. Its excellent thickness and feel are just right for the current weather. The unique method is to deliberately cut both sides of the roller T and then use the Overlock sewing method , which is more complicated than ordinary copying. But it has a more beautiful shape and comfort. The ribs on the neckline and cuffs have also been selected , and various sewing methods such as three needles are used to strengthen various parts. The details need to be worn to truly appreciate it and feel that WEST RIDE is for you. The product is very thoughtful and is a good product that can accompany you for a long time !

Two colors are in stock in the store. If you like it, you can come here first. It will be available in the online store soon^^

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