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SunKu is in store! New arrivals & popular styles are back in stock!

by May club 04 Oct 2015 0 Comments

First of all, I would like to thank everyone. Since the introduction of SunKu, it has been loved by many friends. If you touch the actual product, you will understand the quality that this brand insists on, which is why it is very popular in Japan! The pictures in the picture are just the arrival of this product. Of course, there are more choices in the store. Some styles that were out of stock are now available again, and many new styles have also arrived!

It can be said that this is currently SunKu’s most popular turquoise series, with many styles to choose from.

Beautiful colorful beads series

Classic white core red bead series

My favorite indigo dye series

Luxurious solid sterling silver collection

The glasses chain has also been restocked, and new colors have arrived.

There are also many new items in the silver jewelry series! Come to the store to pick it up, it will be available in the online store soon~

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