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Chooke has new arrivals! The long-awaited special Peace Dayu is also here!

by May club 03 Oct 2015 0 Comments

Chooke, a silver coin artist with more than ten years of experience in silver jewelry, has a unique idea to combine the Indian spirit with his exquisite silver coin engraving. He uses various old silver coins and special processing techniques to present a unique handmade charm. From this time, he brought back The perfect presentation of this genius can be seen in the single product!

The special peace silver coin feathers that many friends have been waiting for for a long time, each one has a different outline and texture, and these six have their own owners. The longest one was ordered two months ago. Friends who are interested are welcome Come to the store, and the earlier you place your order, the sooner you’ll be handsome!

This time we also replenished some items that were sold quickly before. Chooke will be very busy in the next few months and will not be able to make orders normally. If you like it, take advantage of the opportunity to buy it when it is available in stock!

The new product SATIETY BIRD SPOON, which was sold out as soon as it arrived, is finally available again! A great item that combines the features and elements that Chooke is good at. I will introduce it later and it will be available in the online store soon ~

There is quite a lot of Chooke in the store right now. If you are interested, come and have a chat. The real products are on point!

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