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Stop Light new arrivals in store!

by May club 02 Oct 2015 0 Comments

During this business trip to Japan, I also visited Takashi Takayama, and thanks to his blessing, I bought a lot of rare off-the-shelf products. However, more than half of them were ordered before or friends in the community asked for them. I want to see more off-the-shelf products. For details or if you don’t want to miss the first-hand information on the spot, you can join the Stop Light exclusive community ☞ Click here

However, not all of them were exposed in the club. We also kept some ready items to take back to Taiwan, especially the popular new version of double skull piston with silver chain and the later double skull bracelet with a touch of gold. There are also rare ones that are also the last ones of Takashi Takayama. The flower rings delivered to me in one day are all in stock now in the store. If you are interested, you can come directly. The online store will be available soon!

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