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The Highest End New Arrival Painter Pants Okayama-made washed painter's pants

by May club 02 Oct 2015 0 Comments

The Highest End This season’s last pair of pants made in Japan, Okayama, is different from the jeans and WHITE PANTS introduced before. It uses 9.5oz lighter weight fabric, making it more comfortable to wear and suitable for summer.

It still maintains a very beautiful straight-leg trousers shape, with narrow front and wide back pieces, the style of painter's work pants, and processing such as washed and splashed paint, bringing a richer and slimmer visual effect.

The natural washed colors, tailoring and sewing of hardware and other details can be seen in THE's care. It is full of characteristics and full of old-fashioned taste!

The washed texture and paint removal processing of each piece are also different. After wearing it for a while, it will show your unique charm even more. It is in stock in the store, so come and try it on to see the actual product! It has been well received in Japan and is almost sold out, and we ran out of code quickly after it arrived. The recommended price is 6,400 yuan, and it will be available in online stores soon!

CHOOKE likes to feel loose and wears size L and THE wears size M. These two people recently took photos of their favorite pants.

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