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MAY CLUB ORIGINAL TRUCKER CAP first release notice!

by May club 10 Oct 2015 0 Comments

From the initial communication with the factory to the finished product, it took half a year. Because we made our own molds instead of using ready-made ones, we repeatedly adjusted to the hat shape that we liked best, and the results were quite satisfactory! There is absolutely no hat type like MAY CLUB on the market. For this reason, we not only spent a lot of time, but also spent at least twice the cost of making ordinary hats, but it is very worth it!

Because it’s been too long to wait, I asked the factory to produce the first batch for sale first. There are only 20 pieces in each of the two colors. The first selling price is 1,280 yuan. The official price for subsequent shipments will be 1,580 yuan. Get it first. Handsome first!

The main difference between MAY CLUB ORIGINAL TRUCKER CAP and other adult caps is the shape of the cap. The body is deeper and the brim is shorter. The patch embroidery is used instead of patchwork. There are many details that show our requirements. You will understand when you put it on~

In addition to the LOGO, the inner stripe has the spiritual slogan EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING, which is of great significance to us, and we hope it will also be inspiring to you! The online store will not arrive until later. The first batch of 20 pieces in two colors will be sold in the store, please take advantage!

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