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May club handmade Indian silver jewelry series swastika pendant LOVE LIFE LUCK LEAD

by May club 14 Sep 2015 0 Comments

Since the third anniversary bracelet, I have been busy until recently launching the second May club handmade Indian silver jewelry, using the swastika, which represents luck in India. I introduced it before☞Click here to read the article

The thick silver material and the hand-cut swastika shape are composed of four L's, so the words printed on it symbolize LOVE, LIFE, LUCK, and LEAD respectively. In fact, the last word should be LIGHT, which was changed for a more balanced visual effect. For LEAD, this is our unique idea, and it can also be interpreted as something worn by leaders (laughs)

The middle is dotted with solid silver chrysanthemums, and the radiating cross represents the bow and arrow LOGO representing MAY. We like the actual product very much. The knock marks made one by one by the silversmith and the randomly determined silver rings represent that each one is handmade. Made and unique! Whether it is added with a brass ring and used as an accessory pendant keychain, or added with a deerskin rope as a pendant, it is suitable ~


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