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WEST RIDE new arrivals WR101 & WR105, two classic jeans

by May club 13 Sep 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE’s two classic jeans are now available!

WR101 STRAIGHT straight

WR105 SKINNY narrow version

The differences between the two styles are not small, but they are both comfortable to wear and look good. You are welcome to come directly to the store for the fastest experience!

Maybe many people already own a lot of original color pants, but you must first take a look at the reasons why WEST RIDE jeans are so popular in Japan~

First of all, both pairs of jeans are made of left-hand denim made by WEST RIDE in Japan. It is different from the more common right-hand denim. In consideration of comfort, the fabric is 14.75oz. It is also highly elastic and has the necessary selvage and hems. Chain bikes are available, and taking into account the durability required by riders, the entire main structural seam is sewn using the three-line sewing method of work pants.

What you can see in the picture, and the most obvious feeling in use, is the use of a piece of fabric with a selvedge in the crotch, and a reinforcement piece at the crotch, and you can see the seam at the junction of the four pieces at the crotch. The production process is very beautiful, and the invisible details are not taken care of. In terms of practicality, WEST RIDE jeans definitely score very high

WR101 straight version and WR105 narrow version, in addition to the difference in style, WR101 uses rivets while WR105 uses stitching reinforcement. Many representative classic details can be seen in the appearance. The use of Zuo Ling fabric will remind you of WRANGLER Like LEE, you can get a glimpse of it from the leather label, pocket stitching, and pocket shape. The owner of WEST RIDE, who is proficient in vintage clothing, also used earlier details in the shape of the 7 trouser ears. I will probably mention these first!

Whether you want a pair of original-colored cowboys that are different from the current replica pants, or you just want a style that looks good, or you attach great importance to practicality, such a unique, handsome and practical good product will definitely satisfy you. , it is worthy of being a popular regular model of WEST RIDE all the time. It is in stock in the store. If you like it, please come directly when the store opens in the afternoon. The online store will be available soon~

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