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BORN FREE 7 event commemorative short T-shirt limited sale

by May club 12 Sep 2015 0 Comments

It is held every year at Oak Canyon Ranch in California, USA . Many Japanese knight magazines have introduced this important BIKER event in the United States. It is growing year by year. It can be said to be one of the largest BIKER events in the West and even the United States. If you want to To know more about BORN FREE SHOW ☞Click this blog

The event-limited commemorative T-shirt, May club obtained a small amount of it through WEST RIDE, which participated in the United States, and it is divided into color style and LOGO style. Two full-size limited editions are available! The price is 1680 yuan!

There are many well-known sponsor LOGOs behind the colorful models, and WEST RIDE can also be seen among them. Thank you very much for the minister’s help, so that we can buy them without going to the United States! The stock is in the store. If you like it, please come directly if the store opens in the afternoon. The online store will be available soon~

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