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This week only! The official online store offers free shipping throughout the store, and you can get a $500 discount when you spend over $5,000.

by May club 14 Sep 2015 0 Comments

The official website has been online for some time, and many friends use the online store to shop. The online credit card payment system (third-party payment) our website supports is Paypal. However, recently in response to Taiwan's "Electronic Payment Institutions Management Regulations", Paypal has decided to On September 21, the collection and payment service between local accounts in Taiwan will be suspended (overseas areas will not be affected). The following is the announcement:

We have already started to establish the cash flow of other third-party payment providers to assist the system. In the future, credit card swiping in online stores will not be processed through Paypal, but foreign friends can still use it, don't worry . It takes a few working days to apply for other third-party payment providers. Therefore, starting from 9/21 (Monday) until the establishment of other system cash flow is completed, payments in Taiwan will be temporarily replaced by "remittance method". In order to compensate Taiwanese friends in advance for the inconvenience of online shopping during this period, from today to 9/20 (Sunday) 10pm for the week:

[The online store offers free shipping to all stores in Taiwan. In addition, if you spend NT$5,000 or more, you can get a discount of NT$500 in shopping credit (including foreign customers who can also get a discount)]

Please enter discount code at checkout: GET$500ONORDERSOVER$5000

Friends who have not shopped online before can refer to this shopping process ☞ Please read this first

I wish you a happy consumption^^

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