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Official website only・New Year discounts

by May club 18 Jan 2019 0 Comments

There are only about two weeks left before the New Year holiday. In response to the Lunar New Year coming earlier this year, our Spring Festival discounts have also started early~

The three-day Taipei store coincidentally is closed during the event. Different from previous events that only provided discounts for in-store consumption, this time the discount code is directly available on the official website, so even friends from other counties and cities can enjoy this discount! !

  • period:

2019.01.18 ~ 2019.01.20, three days

  • promotion method:

Enjoy 10% off when you spend over 10,000 yuan (discount code Brass )
Enjoy 20% off when you spend over 25,000 yuan (discount code Silver )
Spend 40,000 yuan or more and enjoy 30% off ( discount code Gold )

In addition to Addict Clothes, CxTxM, 1948JXX, helmet accessories, and vintage clothing, this wave of event products is applicable to all other off-the-shelf items on the official website. When checking out, enter the discount code corresponding to the amount in the "Gift card or discount code" below the order confirmation field, and the system will automatically calculate the discount amount.

Come and have a look!

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