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The first wave of coupon activities in 2019 has begun! !

by May club 06 Jan 2019 0 Comments

The first wave of coupon activities in 2019 has begun! ! Regardless of whether you have a coupon or not, please take a look here~

As long as you spend more than 5,000 yuan in these three days from 1/7 (Monday) to 1/9 (Wednesday), you can draw a coupon. The two stores in this event are limited to 20 coupons each😎

⚡️40% off for five pieces ⚡️30% off for five pieces ⚡️20% off for ten pieces

The coupon can be used during the three days from 1/10 (Thursday) to 1/12 (Saturday). It is applicable to all current items in the store (except CxTxM, 1948JXX, safety helmets and vintage clothing). Those who already have the coupon on hand Friends are also welcome to come to the store to use it🥳

PS From 1/7 to 1/9, it is regarded as general consumption, and you can use other personal discounts. Pre-ordering and paying off the goods during this three-day period can be counted as consumption; while the coupon redemption period from 1/10 to 1/12 cannot be combined. For other offers, coupons can only be used on spot goods in the store and will be settled in cash. If they cannot be used during this three-day period, they will be available again next time.

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