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BLUCO & UNCROWD Brand Introduction

by May club 31 Jan 2019 0 Comments

Today we will introduce to you the two new brands we have introduced, BLUCO, which is oriented towards WORK WEAR, and UNCROWD CYCLETOGS, which focuses on the needs of knights. The manager and designer, Mr. Aoki, was a member of the Yumi football team when he was a teenager. In his twenties, he came into contact with Motocross cross-country events and became obsessed with the charm of motorcycles. Later, he also loved surfing and other activities. It can be said that he has been involved in activities since he was a child. Extremely passionate about all sports.

Due to his exposure to the clothing industry during his employment, Mr. Aoki gradually developed his own unique ideas. In order to realize the items he wanted, he spent several years studying relevant knowledge and founded BLUCO in 2006.

Different from the BWG Japan we introduced previously, which mostly collaborates with artists from all walks of life to launch products, Mr. Aoki positioned BLUCO's brand as a workwear-oriented brand. This was mainly because Mr. Aoki noticed that the United States has a very representative WORK WEAR brand, but in Japan it is not. No other brand can combine durability, affordability and simple design, which further establishes the goal of clothing that it wants to bring to everyone!

Compared with the popular elements that change every season, BLUCO pays more attention to the durable quality and comfortable mobility like work clothes. In addition to friends who generally like street leisure, it is also loved by many surfing and street skateboarding enthusiasts, such as Cycle Zombies in the United States are very fond of BLUCO's products, and they have even cooperated with each other to launch joint products many times, which has further consolidated BLUCO's role as a benchmark for WORK WEAR in Japan!

BLUCO’s iconic cross-panel embroidery logo is very eye-catching, and it also represents a distinctive workwear setting when embroidered on clothing items! The durable quality has led many bicycle rim shops to choose BLUCO as their work clothes. Even many people from OCEANBEETLE that we are familiar with often use BLUCO items.

Another UNCROWD brand was originally named UNCROWD EYEWEAR. It was founded in 2009. It was made by Mr. Aoki for his friends who ride bicycles. It not only has many classic designs and diverse styles, but also pursues products that can be worn comfortably inside the helmet. The most important thing about the frame design is that it is based on the oriental face frame, which keeps the brand's popularity high!

For example, Brat Style, famous vintage shop owners and managers all wear various types of UNCROWD glasses. A few years ago, we launched a three-party co-branded eyewear style with The Highest End and Uncrowd, and BWG also launched a co- branded flip-top MONICA sunglasses with Uncrowd . All of them are currently sold out!

UNCROWD not only produces eyewear items, but also successively launches a variety of clothing designed and made based on the needs of cyclists. In 2012, it was renamed UNCROWD CYCLETOGS. The more diverse items allow friends who love cycling to wear them not only while riding. Wear it, you can also use it on a daily basis!

Mr. Aoki puts his love for various outdoor sports and cycling into his products. Whether you like WORK WEAR or BIKER STYLE, please be sure to give it a try.

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