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Fly Wheels Magazine Vol.39

by May club 08 Mar 2016 0 Comments

The latest issue of FLY WHEELERS magazine also introduced the WEST RIDE Tokyo store. This time MASATO came and we also discussed the related activity plans that many Japanese magazines will come to shoot the Taipei store in the future. It was very fun ~

Of course, the grand event in Japan’s Triumph world is indispensable without the store manager of WESTERN RIVER, who is also a celebrity in the old Triumph circle. In fact, in Japan, British and American styles are not emphasized as clearly as in Taiwan. Everyone just loves to ride and modify. When it comes to clothing, In terms of culture, we can only say that Taiwan is really brainwashed XD

THE and TROPHY items are revealed and are available in Taichung stores!

There are also Yokohama HRCS and Chirihama SPEEDWAY activities that we participated in last year.

There are many car enthusiasts and artists that I know, and I will let everyone see them if I have the opportunity at May Club in Taiwan in the future.

This is what we are currently working on, it is a culture and not just sales^^

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