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UP-SWEEP Magazine Vol.31

by May club 05 Mar 2016 0 Comments

The third person coming to Taiwan this time is BAD QUENTIN. His unique style has quickly become popular in the Japanese knight circle. He is also the cover character of this issue of UP-SWEEP.

Without warning, I brought some products to share with my friends in Taiwan, and they will only have discounted prices for tomorrow’s event. To paraphrase NOSAKA SAN, this trip to Taiwan is to make friends, and I hope to see more tomorrow. People who like his clothes

All the items in the magazine are worn by BAD QUENTIN, and the guys riding with him are the handsome guys from the famous Japanese shoe repair shop Fu Lu Shou^^


In addition to the covers of BAD QUENTIN and CxTxM x BLACKBOOTS, the new products of TROPHY and THE were also photographed

A variety of new products such as tops, vests, boots, hats, etc. are all available in the Taichung store. Those who are quick to buy have already bought first. Those who have not noticed before should also find time to visit the Taichung store^^


Of course, WEST RIDE’s handsome items are also indispensable!

Including the classic DEAN JKT reverse leather jacket, OAK CANYON goatskin jacket, and waist chain silver jewelry in collaboration with LARRY SMITH, etc., all are currently in stock in the Taipei store!


In addition, this issue's KEY PERSON also interviewed WEST RIDE's BIG BOSS and the manager of the Tokyo store. The report was quite exciting!

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