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SURPRISE! 🤩 FRANKEN WEIRDO RACE version has seven more units‼ ️

by May club 15 Jun 2021 0 Comments

As mentioned before, Knuckle prepares WEIRDO RACE limited edition models of different characters for every HRCS event. They use various Johnny Lightning car models as bases and make and paint them by themselves. Each model is different and can be said to be an ultra-rare item. !

In recent years, the Johnny Lightning model car itself has become increasingly difficult to obtain. This time, Knuckle not only provided the Munster Koach in his collection for the May club 9th special edition, but also made an upscale version of the only Johnny Lightning car he had. FRANKEN WEIRDO RACE version.

Although the car used is not the Franken gift car Munster Koach special edition that has been sold out, it is as collectible as the WEIRDO RACE produced by Knuckle! If you missed it, please seize the opportunity!

This time, seven lucky winners will be selected from among the 9th Anniversary Franken Tee pre-orderers for the additional seven units of FRANKEN WEIRDO RACE. The additional purchase price for each unit is 8,000 yuan.

Detailed selection method:

  1. The pre-order of this 9th T-shirt is only open until 12:00 noon tomorrow, 6/16 (Wednesday). Pre-order and payment must be completed before the deadline (those who have already completed are also eligible) Pre-order link ➲ tw/products/may-club-9th-franken-tee
  2. Please send a screenshot of the page where the order has been completed and privately message May club on IG for identity verification.
  3. Finally, share this IG sales post of May club in the limited time news and tag @mayclubtw

Complete the above three steps to qualify for the Lottery draw, and 7 lucky winners will be drawn one hour after the pre-order closes tomorrow. It will be shipped randomly and cannot be selected, thank you🙏

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