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by May club 12 Jun 2021 0 Comments

Many toy collectors will definitely think of Franken when they mention Knuckle, right? Knuckle, who was originally a senior figure in the low-brow art world, is indeed famous internationally for his Frankenstein soft glue series.

But for May club, we first met Knuckle from a different perspective. He owned an old Triumph and a Hot Rod. He was good at spray painting and drawing various low-brow art patterns. He loves old cars and makes a special trip every year. A limited edition product was launched for the Hot Rod Custom Show (HRCS) held in Yokohama, Japan. It uses a unique car model combined with hand-made characters, which is the focus of the audience's rush to buy! Before the outbreak of the epidemic, in December 2019, HRCS even switched to on-site lottery purchases because there were too many people rushing to buy and worried about triggering riots.

When Knuckle came to Taiwan to participate in our 7th anniversary event the year before last, he made a limited number of 7th commemorative cars for us. This was also the first time we had the opportunity to introduce Knuckle's characteristic model works to Taiwan. As expected, it was sold out as soon as it went on sale! Last year, he was unable to come to Taiwan due to the epidemic. This year, Knuckle specially used the Munster Koach model cars he collected to help us create a 9th limited edition car!

This Munster Koach model car is quite special. It is the courtesy car driven by Frankenstein in many movies. For Knuckle, the character sitting in the car must of course be Franken! Franken means "kind-hearted monster". Although he has a scar on his head and a big screw through his neck, Knuckle makes Franken look very cute with a simple and honest smile on his face. Franken drives his Munster_Koach limousine, as a Franken fan, how can you miss it! ?

Compared with Franken soft rubber, which is sold in larger quantities at one time, since each of these car models is handmade by Knuckle, and the number of car models is rare, they are even more precious! The 9th limited Franken Munster Koach is limited to only nine units .

Sale information

  1. Due to the seriousness of the epidemic, this time it will only be available for online purchase on the May club official website. The store will open at 12:00 noon tomorrow, 6/13 (Sunday). Go to the homepage to see the latest products. (Official website link: )
  2. Each of the nine Munster Koach is equipped with a 1303 carpet, priced at 13,000 yuan.
  3. Each person is limited to purchasing one set, any repeated orders will be cancelled.

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