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OCEAN BEETLE reservation price adjustment announcement!

by May club 01 Mar 2018 0 Comments

Due to exchange rate adjustments, the spot purchase price remains unchanged, but for reservations, it will be reduced as follows:

Spot price 9800 / reservation price 9000 (such as electroplated SHORTY, PTR)
Spot price 8800 / reservation price 8000 (such as 500TX, MTX, STR, SHORTY)
Spot price 6700 / pre-order price 6000 (such as LAC)

If the exchange rate fluctuates in the future, there may be adjustments. If you have any questions about the size, please contact us or come to the store directly to confirm!

The most handsome little hat body from Japan, it is also great as a body painting! Don’t have a BEETLE yet? Seize the opportunity to get it!
Also welcome to join the Facebook group OCEAN BEETLE HELMET TAIWAN to see more handsome sharing.

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